30. Mai 2024

Bitcoin price rises and rises thanks to the US central bank

According to analysts, the announcement by the US central bank that it will continue to print huge amounts of money in the coming years will look like advertising for Crypto Bank. That could further heat up the market for the king of cryptocurrencies, it said.

The last few days have brought exciting things. On December 16, the Federal Reserve (simplified: the US central bank, Fed) declared in a press release that it would continue to support the US economy in the coming years. Specifically, they want to buy US government bonds for $ 80 billion a month. Another $ 40 billion is expected to be spent each month buying up mortgage-backed securities. This is to be maintained until the employment targets and inflation of 2 percent are stable.

How long will the Fed support the US economy?

As things stand at present, it may take two to three years to achieve this goal. That would mean the Fed is pumping at least $ 1,440 billion, or over $ 1.4 trillion, into the US economy every year. That would be about 20 percent of total US tax revenue.

Such an expansion of the money supply could lead to inflation, although some experts deny it. In any case, there is a risk of a loss of confidence in the purchasing power of the US dollar.

Mark Haefele, Chief Investment Officer at UBS Global Wealth Management told Reuters :

We see further weakness [in the US dollar].

What impact does the announcement have on Bitcoin?

The first effects of the announcement were already evident yesterday, when Bitcoin (BTC) reached a new all-time high seemingly effortlessly. The price rose to well over 23,400 US dollars per Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has the advantage that it is limited to 21 million pieces and is therefore not subject to inflation. In addition, most classic asset types are heavily overbought (in Germany, for example, real estate), so that many investors try to switch to other assets.

Vishnu Varathan, the chief economist of Mizuho Singapore, one of the largest financial services companies in the world, told Reuters that he expected the Bitcoin price to rise further. One of the reasons for this is the Fed’s US monetary policy.

What else speaks for Bitcoin?

Meanwhile, more and more institutional investors are realizing the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Investments by the major financial service providers from the USA, Europe, Great Britain and Japan could drive the Bitcoin price even further. The Bitcoin market currently has a capitalization of USD 422 billion. If the big financial service providers invest only 1 percent of their funds in Bitcoin, 600 billion US dollars could be added.